Visa and notary

At SEΛMΛX we recognize that securing visas and work permits can be a complex and time-consuming process.
We provide information and assistance to enable you and your family to secure the legal documents required for your stay in Korea.
We can accompany you to the local immigration office to assist with translation and completion of application forms.
We will also help you to access notary support on Geoje.

Visa and Notary support service includes:

  1. Provide information and advice on obtaining visa and work permit
  2. Assist in translation of official documentation
  3. Accompanied visit to immigration office to assist in management of application process
  4. Assistance in accessing notary support services


At SEΛMΛX we appreciate how language barriers can mean challenges in communications between local Korean people and ex-pats.
Our translation service is intended to optimise clear communication and mutual understanding.
Our team includes native Korean, Russian and English speaking university graduates
who will provide fluent translation of documents for business and personal purposes.
We will also provide assistance in verbal and written communications with local Korean businesses.
A range of secretarial and administrative services is also available.

Services include:

  1. Document translation (Korean, English, Russian)
  2. Interpreter service
  3. Secretarial and administrative service