about us

SEAMAX REAL STATE agency provides a wide range of relocation and ex-pat services. Our team of skilled professionals includes local Korean, Russian and native English speaking staff. Seamax services include accommodation search, recruitment, car rental and pickup, visa and notarial support, translation, together with re-location guidance and assistance for families moving to Geoje City.

Seamax strives to provide clients with a quality, ex-pat friendly

service. Our multi-cultural team is ideally equipped to offer the twin benefits of local expertise and in-depth understanding of client needs and requirements


To play a key role in the Geoje relocation services market, with a reputation for professionalism, reliability, integrity, customer- care and excellence in achieving results

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The vision behind the establishment of my company was motivated by my personal experience as an expat, who frequently encountered the first hand challenges that many of my friends and colleagues as foreign residence face on a daily basis.Over the last decade in South Korea, I not only became fluent in the local language but also immersed myself in Korean culture.I recognized there was an opportunity for me to facilitate between both the local and foreign residents sharing my extensive knowledge and assistance which was consistentlyrequested during my career at both Samsung and DSME shipyards Being multilingual in over four languages which in enables me to communicate efficiently with the numerous international families arriving in South Korea.My goal for Seamax is to continue as an advocate within the expat community offering my expertise and quality service that they can trust and relie on.It is our desire that your stay in South Korea will be both a productive and enjoyable one with a good memories.